Cisco has acquired Insieme Networks for $863M. Congratulations to all the users who made winning predictions.
Dec 10, 2013

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Total Targets10Total Predictions55PercentageAverage Price$6.98BPredicted Time Frame
FireEye3 predictions5%$5BAug 2016
Splunk46 predictions84%$8BMar 2016
Fortinet1 prediction2%$9BSep 2016
Palo Alto Networks, Inc.1 prediction2%$15BSep 2016
Juniper Networks, Inc.1 prediction2%$15BAug 2015
Ubiquiti Networks1 prediction2%$5BApr 2016
Gigamon1 prediction2%$500MJan 2015
Meru Networks1 prediction2%$300MMar 2015
Insieme Networks0 winning predictions0%
Sourcefire0 winning predictions0%