Why Predict?

Mergerize is an experiment. It is the only place where you can:

  • Express your views about the M&A prospects of startups and their suitors.
  • Contribute to a valuable and transparent financial data set on expectations.
  • Leverage the wisdom of the crowd to access a representative view of public perceptions.

In order for this to work, we rely on your contributions. Thank you for helping us to build a more robust, transparent, representative way to collect and share financial forecasting expectations.

Why Is This Important?

We started Estimize in June of 2011 because we believed that we could provide a more transparent, more representative view of market expectations--by crowdsourcing forward-looking financial expectations across a spectrum of different data sets.

And we think we’re onto something. In 2013, Estimize was named to Forbes’ list of the 9 hottest startups and Leigh, our founder, nominated to the Forbes 30 Under 30. In 2014, we were honored to be named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the world by Fast Company.

When we started, our first area of focus was EPS and Revenue expectations for publicly traded, US-listed companies. Now, with Mergerize, we will move into crowdsourcing expectations for mergers and acquisitions. As startups disrupt and redefine industries, corporations have started to acquire products and talent in order to remain competitive. The success of these actions is of great value to investors, founders, and markets. But until now, there has been no systemic way of aggregating and measuring these expectations.

We still have a long way to go in building our data set, but we think we’re on the right path. With your help, we can build a more transparent financial forecasting world.